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Petncompany Osteosupport Joint Care powder is an all-in-one formulation. Our product not only maintains your dog’s joint health and relief joint pain but also delivers a miracle benefit for dogs who have arthritis, joint injury and other bones and joint related health issues.

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All-in-one formule
High quality ingredients
Formulated in Australia
Free shipping on all orders
All-in-one formule
High quality ingredients
Formulated in Australia
Free shipping on all orders
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 All-In-One Formula For Your Dog's Bone Heath

Unlike most products on the market that only contain certain ingredients and only benefit your dog with a specific problem, our Petncompany Osteosupport Joint Care powder is an all-in-one dog joint supplement, and dog arthritis supplement provides supports to your dog's joint & hip.

 Relieving Dog's Joint Pain And Arthritis

Our product not only maintains your dog's joint health and relief joint pain in dogs but also delivers benefits for dogs who have arthritis, joint injury and other bones and joint-related issues.

 Highest Ingredient Content On The Market

Our Osteosupport Joint Care powder is one of the products with the highest active ingredient content on the market. Our Osteosupport Joint Care powder could provide better support to your beloved dog.

 We Have The Cheapest 100g Product On The Market

We know helping your little family would cost a lot, but we are keen to make it affordable for every dog owner to make your dog could enjoy their everyday life. So we price our product to be one of the cheapest 100g products on the market but one of the highest ingredient products to provide the best support to your dog.

 Based On Scientific Search

All of the ingredients have been extensively studied and researched by our lab. We made sure to create a product that promotes canine joint health while maintaining flexibility, strength, and comfort.

 Meet Highest Quality Standers With Certificates With GMP/ACO/Merieux Nutrisciences

We partner with the certified industry to provide the highest quality to our customers by using the finest & highest quality ingredients. Our product has the certificates of GMP, ACO, and Merieux NutriSciences.

 Free Shipping On All Orders

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 All Channel Costumers Satisfaction Support With 30-Day Return Policy 

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    • 🐕Providing support for dog joint issues, prevent arthritis from the early age. 

    • 🦴Increase the viscosity of joint fluid, relieve joint pain and reduce movement pressure between joint.

    • 💓Accelerate the metabolism rate, reduce cellular oxidation and achieve the anti aging between joint.

    Glucosamine Hydrochloride (800mg): extracted from natural chitin and help joint tissues, increase the viscosity of joint synovial fluid, and heal arthritis in early age.

    Chondroitin Sulfate (400mg): Alleviate the impact and friction of moving, help the dog to relieve the movement pressure between joints.

    Glutathione(GSH) (2mg): Help dogs accelerating the metabolism of toxins in the body and improve the activity of lymphocytes and immunity.

    Dimethyl Sulfone (400mg): A natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory support which relieves pain, improves collagen connections, and repairs injured tissues.

    Also Contain: Vitamin C(100mg), Manganese (5mg), Vitamin E(50IU) 

    Body weight Loading daily dose Maintenance daily dos First bottle maintenance
    Up to 15kg 1 spoon ½ to 1 spoon 90 days 180 days
    15 to 30kg 2 spoons 1 to 2 spoons 45 days 90 days
    Over 30kg 3 spoons 2 spoons 30 days 45 days


    • Suitable for dogs weighing less than 15kg.

    • Results are usually noticeable within 3-4 weeks.

    • If you aren’t satisfied with the results after 4 weeks, we’ll give you your money back!

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    Our Product Is For


    Helping puppies building stronger joint by giving extra nutrition.

    Breed: Pugs, Frenchied, Goldens etc.


    Relieving joint pain for seniors. Help with preventing arthrities.

    Breed: all breeds, especially large breeds.

    Injured Dogs

    Provideing supporting nutrition for recovery.

    Why Petncompany?

    Powder Form

    Easy to blend in daily meals and accelerates absorption.

    Healthy Joint Mobility

    Glucosamine, Chondroitin, GSH and MSM work together to help maintain an active liftstyle and support joint tissue.

    Connective Tissue Support

    Glucosamine can help the normal repair of connective tissue like cartilage, increase the viscosity of joint fluid and maintain cusshion between the joints.

    Improve arthritis and osteoarthritis

    Chondroitin Sulfate, usually found in marine cartilage, can transport important nutrients, and promote the penetration of glucose hydrochloride and is helpful to improve arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    Immunity & Flexibility

    GSH and MSM has the natural action on inflammation and improve immunity which help with occasional joint stiffness and soreness.