"Older Dogs Are Finding Their Inner Puppy And Feeling Young Again... Thanks To These Powders" 

“A dog with healthier joints is typically more likely to live a longer life. If you invest in keeping their joints in shape, you’re giving them the best shot at living well into their later years in good health”

After my friend's dog died, he told me 'she was young at heart and wanted to play but she just couldn't get up'.

If our dogs could stay and play fetch with us forever, they would. Unfortunately...

1 in 4 of the 5.5 million dogs in Australia will be potentially diagnosed with joint issues at some point in their life. What many dog owners don’t realise is the fact that these worsening joint issues can severely reduce their lifespan. So this begs the question, how then can you protect the health of your dog’s joints?

Well, these new delicious join treats could be the answer - and daisy’s inspiring story below is proof.


Joint pain is called a silent killer for a reason. Daisy's joint pain was unnoticeable at first. As time went on, she started to slow down, limp and struggled to stand...

Eventually, it seemed like the life had left her body and she had nothing to do but wait for her time to end.

Her owner, Lisa, dreaded the thought of putting her down but couldn't see her in any more pain.

But one fateful day, she saw a Facebook post about a joint supporting supplement for dogs. As she did more research, she saw that thousands of other dog owners had tried them and had amazing success.


Just a few cents a day**, and as Ali, a Petncompany customer put it: "it's a no brainer to try for any dog owner" - especially after seeing the rave reviews and success stories. Additionally, with stock running critically low and the global manufacturing system in chaos due to the coronavirus - owners are being urged to snap up the limited joint powder today (orders within the next 24 hours only are guaranteed to be delivered on time).

Plus there are several options if you just want to try one or two tubs using the risk free money back guarantee. The fast shipping from Australia meant Daisy's owner was able to get him started ASAP.

In just the first week, Daisy began to get up in the morning far easier than the last few months. She rose from her bed with a renewed energy that hadn't been seen in a long time.

Week 2 and the results of the Joint Powder were clear as day. Daisy was walking around day to day, painkiller free, like she did in her younger days. It was heartwarming to see.

By week 3 Daisy was a completely different dog. There were even moments during the third week where Daisy ran for little! Daisy's transformation was complete.

PRESENT DAY: Daisy is back to being a 'support dog' and bringing joy to the lives of us humans. Her story is more than just 'a dog that was able to walk after crippling joint problems'...

It's a reminder that true strength comes from bringing joy to other living things. Human or dog...

Today, Daisy's tail wags stronger than ever!