Frequent Ask Questions

For pets with different degrees of joint problems, how long will the products take effect?

As a pure natural supplement, our product has a very good effect, but the effective time is different for different dogs. Under normal circumstances, dogs will have different changes one month after using our products. You can observe the changes of your pet during the period of using the products.

What age should my dog start taking the Joint care Supplement?

Simply put, the sooner the better! Some changes can begin developing during a puppy’s growth period. Starting your puppy health journey early will pay off in the long run.

Does the supplement relieve the pain?

Our joint care powder can help the dog to relieve the minor pain related to the joint and hip issue by increasing the flexibility, support healthy cartilage and reduce inflammation.

How did you choose your ingredient?

We believe powder is the best form for dog to absorb. We formulated our product with traditionally vetted ingredient, Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and we also include manganese, vitamin E and Vinifera seed dry to help anti- inflammation and other joint-related issues.

Will the product cause allergies or other symptoms after eating pets with poor physical fitness?

Our products are pure natural ingredients and do not contain any additives. After verification by professional researchers and veterinarians, normal dogs will not have any problems using this product, but if your dog has a history of special diseases, please follow the doctor’s advice to use it.