Our Story

We may be creators and innovators, aided by scientists, but first and
foremost - we are pet lovers and pet owners.

You may be wondering - what is in a brand's name when the product should convey
enough? Here at PETNCOMPANY we are not just a pets' company, but we believe in being
the best form of company to our pets. After all, it is through us our dogs communicate and
only through us do they get the best care they can.

SINCE 2018 Think For Pet

Its began with Andy

In the Fall of 2018, we receive news that we would hope no pet owner would ever have to hear. Our beloved family companion, Andy, was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia at seven years of age. Several veterinarians hasd simply advised us to put him down, however that was the very last option we would consider.

Our journey

Once we set our minds on alternative methods, the search for medicine and treatment began. Aided by our medical resource integration export, Dr.John, who is also a renowned holistic veterinarian, we developed a natural koint formula within several months.

During our own journey searching for safe and high-quality products to support and improve Andy's health, we discovered this gap in the market for effetive and well-researched care. It was through passion, necessity, and unrelenting trials that we would produce our now hero product, OSTEOSUPPORT - Joint Care Powder.

The hero product

Our treasured powder contains these 4 key ingredients:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride - helps joint tissues and increases viscosity of joint fluid which aids arthritis.

Chondroitin Sulfate - alleviates the impact and friction of moving and pressure between joints.

Glutathione GSH - accelerates metabolism of exiting toxins in the body and improves lymphocytes.

Dimethyl Sulfone – improves collagen connections, repairs injured tissues and thus relieves pain.

Our belief

With thoroughly researched and tested natural ingredients, paired with full brand transparency and promise - this all Australian-made supplement combines our values and standards into one convenient product that we can put our trust in.

Whether its our dogs or your dogs - PETNCOMPANY lives and breathes for providing for dogs market for effetive and well-researched care. It was through passion, who rely the most on us, their voice.



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Your dog’s first dog park social experience can be unpredictable and needlessly stressful. They may be used to walking the streets, passing other dogs quickly, and being on their leash. Sudden freedom in a large park with many other dogs may be overwhelming or risky when unprepared. Here are some tips and things to be aware of so your puppy can have a safe, healthy, and positive experience. 


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What do you need to prepare to take your dog to the beach



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