This marine animal is the key to strengthening dog joints

By Emma Wang

Strong, healthy joints are very important to our dogs. Arthritis and stiff joints are not only very painful but also bring further health complications for our pets. Inhibit natural movement and limit the fun of daily life, joint health decline, lack of exercise may lead to excessive weight gain and even diabetes!

 Healthy joints lay a solid and flexible foundation for your dog's vitality and well-being, allowing your pet to enjoy every day without the risk of pain and injury. But what factors can enhance joint health? How can we best nurture and improve this basic need?

One answer lies in the amazing marine animals: shrimp!

Glucosamine-the building block for healthy joints

Before studying the amazing natural properties of shrimp, we must first understand the role of a special amino sugar: glucosamine.

Glucosamine is extremely important for the healthy functioning of our pets and our bodies. This natural compound is one of the components of healthy joints and helps in the growth, repair and maintenance of cartilage and synovial fluid.

As a shock absorber in the joints, healthy cartilage is naturally spongy and elastic, ensuring the best function in daily life. Glucosamine binds to collagen and is essential for the production and repair of cartilage. Glucosamine can also help maintain the consistency of synovial fluid, which is the natural lubrication that fills the joint cavity between the bones.

 Although glucosamine is naturally present in the body, with age, dogs produce less and less. As we have seen, the lack of glucosamine means that the damaged cartilage cannot be repaired, which means that the cushioning in the joints is reduced and the lubrication of synovial fluid is reduced.

 All of these can cause joint stiffness, creaking, pain or worse...arthritis. Therefore, increasing the level of glucosamine in the body is a good starting point when treating or even preventing our pet’s bad joints.

 A daily dose of glucosamine

Although certain dog foods claim to be a source of glucosamine, they usually cannot provide the full amount a dog needs to maintain healthy joints and lead an active, pain-free life.

 Many veterinarians recommend approximately 500 mg of glucosamine for every 25 pounds of dog weight. For example, for some leading coarse milled flours, you must feed more than 20 cups of pups a day to get the recommended daily glucosamine dosage!

 Our best-selling joint care powder is a wonderful natural source of glucosamine, packaged as a delicious and convenient daily food. Only one serving can provide the recommended full daily dose of glucosamine, providing healthy and strong joints for your furry friends!