Prepare to take your dog to the beach

By Emma Wang

No matter where you take your dog to play, you must bring more. What should I prepare for taking a dog to the beach? Because the beach is different from other places, you need to bring some special equipment in case you need it. Don't be annoying, wait until you need to know how convenient it is

  Necessary outfits for going overseas:

  1. Sufficient drinking water: This is a very important thing. Every dog ​​needs it, so it doesn't matter if you bring a little more.
  2. Sufficient dog food during the trip: Although there are small local foods that can be tested, the safest food for dogs is still dog food, in case the dog is uncomfortable due to the change of the food.
  3. A large body with good water absorption: The one with a large body is to wipe the dog's body after it swims ashore. Although it cannot be wiped completely, it is not always wet. The point is to wipe its feet.
  4. Hairdryer: If you live in a higher-end hotel, you don't need to bring it, it should be equipped. If not, you can prepare it yourself, which is mainly used to blow the dog's feet, especially the seams.
  5. Toner powder: Since the dog will always run off the water at the beach, his feet will be kept in a wet state, so after cleaning the dog, put some toner on his feet, which can be pulled out Water points.
  6. Standing medicines: such as laxatives, anti-inflammatory drugs, and heat-relieving medicines, these are just for precautions. If the dog is uncomfortable with going to the beach for the first time, it will come in handy.
  7. Camera: This is a great tool for travelling, why not take pictures when you go out to play. Take more photos of your cute dog, go back as a souvenir, and show off by the way.
  8. Toys: Bring a few toys that your dog likes. If your dog is really uninterested in the sea, there are toys to relieve its boredom.
  9. Leash: To ensure the safety of the dog, it must be brought.
  10. Pet shoes: to prevent the hidden sharp tools on the beach from hurting the dog's footpads, and to protect the dog's foot from being scalded by sand.