Before choosing a dog, understand the type of dog that suits you

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Before choosing a dog, understand the type of dog that suits you

Did the following help you make a decision? If you make a decision, you can step into the line of the dog owner.

1. Keep a small dog or a large dog? The "large and small" here refers to the difference in dog age. Small dogs are easier to train and will soon develop a deep relationship with the host. However, a small dog has poor self-control ability and is very dependent on the person. The first period of time requires the owner's meticulous care. You need to spend a lot of time and precision for it. But when the dog grows larger, you are in the position of "daddy" or "mother" in its body. At the same time, the dog is your one to take care of, and its status in your organization will be similar to that of yours. The same is true for the small child. The relationship between a dog and you is similar to a brotherly friendship, it does not require too much care from you. But if the dog has a very deep relationship with his original owner, he will run back to his original home when you are not paying attention. However, some dogs live in a bad environment and often suffer from being bullied. If you treat them very well, they will often repay you with the greatest loyalty. Please note that if it is a small dog, it is best to raise it when it is two months old.

2. Keep a male dog or a female dog? In terms of appearance, the difference between a female dog and a male dog is just a little smaller. From the point of view of dogs, bitches are more obedient and tame. The bitch dogs almost twice a year, which means that they can have a small dog in less than half a year. After a bitch has a small dog, the body begins to change. There are more dogs and it is not as beautiful as it used to be. Male dogs are more ambitious and active, but their size and color can be maintained for a long time. After one year of age (some large dogs are late), male dogs will be courteous to female dogs regardless of occasion and time. If you like to be quiet, you can raise a bitch, and you can see small dogs coming out.

3. What size dog do you keep? Dogs are divided into small, medium, and large sizes. The representative of the small dog is our common Beijing husky (Beijing); the representative of the medium dog is the sand; the representative of the large dog is the black back. Deciding which dog to keep should be based on your living conditions. In addition, large dogs need to eat more than twice as much feed, which is also a rare occurrence. However, no matter what kind of dog you raise, don't forget to take it to the open air every day.

v4. Keep a long dog or a short dog? Long dogs are very beautiful, but they have to be groomed and cleaned every day. Just after taking a shower, they went crazy and became a mud monkey again. And from now on, dogs will appear in every corner of the home, which is not suitable for people who like cleanliness. Short-term dogs do not have the disadvantages of going up, and it is easy to get caught after taking a bath. The chance of catching a cold is much smaller than that of long-term dogs. However, short dogs are more afraid of cold, and some short dogs have too many wrinkles on their bodies, and they are prone to serious skin diseases.