Meet our Petncompany Heros

By Emma Wang

Meet our Petncompany Heros

These little heroes used to suffer from joint problems, but after a certain course of treatment with our products, a miracle happened. . .

Meet our Heroes: Seven

At 8 years ago, Seven began to struggle with joint and crippling arthritis.Unable to  walk, run, or perform normal daily activities without experiencing pain and discomfort, Seven's standard of life was low. His puppy parent, Lili, wanted to help, but what could she do? After discovering Petncompany, she turned to our best-selling Joint Care Powder, and the results were unbelievable.

Meet our Heroes: Bill

Two years ago, Bill started showing symptoms of arthritis. It is getting worse now that Bill can't walk and run normally, so Bill is suffering every day. He who originally liked the outdoors most can only lie at home and watch his partner running outside the window. Her puppy parents, Jessica wanted to help, so she found Petncompany, she bought our best-selling Joint Care Powder, and the results were incredible, and Bill was rejuvenated.

Meet our Heroes: Dunk

Dunk has struggled with joints and disabling arthritis for many years. During this period, we used many methods to help her, but there was no significant effect. Her parents Vivan finally found Petncompany. She purchased Joint Care Powder from our company. Dunk actually recovered after a few treatments.


Our products can help

Our joint health care powder mainly uses green-lipped mussel and glucosamine as the main ingredients.
Green-lipped mussels can help regulate the chemicals in the joints and stabilize the support and connective tissues.
Glucosamine is an important nutrient for the formation of cartilage cells and a natural tissue component of healthy joint cartilage. With the increase of age, the lack of glucosamine in the dog's body becomes more and more serious, and the articular cartilage continues to degenerate and wear. Glucosamine can promote the synthesis of cartilage, inhibit the decomposition of articular cartilage, and also has anti-inflammatory effects. And can stimulate the growth of cartilage cells. Relieve pain, maintain and repair cartilage tissue, maintain corneal transparency, and improve vision.
In addition, the product also supply vitamins and calcium to puppies to avoid malnutrition during development due to calcium deficiency and reduce the possibility of dogs suffering from arthritis.